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In a world where smileys all too often replace real smiles, TheAfterwork is the antidote to urban loneliness, a break in your busy week for genuine encounters.

Each week, we choose a convivial venue, match 6 people and let the magic happen. No pressure, just fun. Come as you are and live for the moment! 

So, ready to swap your Netflix evening for a great human adventure?

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They talked about us:

TheAfterwork : 100% real encounters !

✨ Unique Social Experience
Every week, meet 5 strangers in a location kept secret until the big day. The bars are carefully chosen for their atmosphere and quality, guaranteeing you a memorable experience.

🤝 Intelligent Matching
Thanks to our algorithm, based on your passions, personality and goals, we connect you with people with shared affinities. 

🎉 Simplicity and Peace of Mind:
Leave the organization to us. Your only concern will be to enjoy the evening to the full!

🧊 Break the Ice
We know that first steps can be intimidating. That's why we've designed a game specifically to facilitate interaction and allow everyone to feel at ease from the very first moments.

How to get involved ?

Easy, quick and without commitment !

Please take a few moments to complete our personality test.  Based on your answers, we'll match you with the most compatible participants, guaranteeing an unforgettable evening!

Our weekly evenings await you every Wednesday. Book this Wednesday before midnight on Monday; by Tuesday, bookings for the following week are available. We'll take care of all the organization.

On the day, you'll receive an e-mail with information on the composition of your group, as well as the name and address of the bar. See you at 7 p.m. to take your place at your table and savor the moment!

Don't wait any longer, reserve your place at the next TheAfterwork!

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They tested it and loved it!

Why shouldn't you?

I dared and I don't regret it!

“As an introvert, the idea of meeting new people can be intimidating. But TheAfterwork offered me a safe and fun setting to push myself. The ice-breaker games really helped me to open up and enjoy the evening. An enriching experience that I'd recommend!”

web developer

More than just an Aperitif

“I was skeptical at first, but TheAfterwork changed my view of professional meetings. It was relaxed, genuine, and I was able to connect with some fascinating people. Can't wait to do it again!”


Quality Meetings

“The organization was top-notch, the venue was very pleasant and the atmosphere was friendly. I was impressed by the quality of the exchanges and the diversity of the profiles. TheAfterwork is now my favorite event of the week!”

Company manager

Live the experience TheAfterwork

Group meetings in a fun, relaxed atmosphere

Frequently asked questions

What is TheAfterwork?

TheAfterwork is a unique social experience designed to bring together people from diverse backgrounds over a drink, in a relaxed and convivial setting. Every week, we organize afterworks in selected bars, facilitating enriching encounters between individuals sharing common interests and goals.

How do I register with TheAfterwork?

Joining TheAfterwork is quick, easy and free of obligation. To take part in one of our parties, simply buy a ticket at the special introductory price of €6.99 (instead of €9.99).

Please note that the cost of your consumption during the evening is not included in the ticket price and will be your responsibility.

Here's how to join TheAfterwork:

- Create your account on our website
- Fill in your profile to help us get to know you better.
- Buy your ticket for the date of your choice.

No subscription required, a single ticket opens the door to a memorable experience.

We guarantee a place at every one of our events, with no limit on the number of participants.

Join us for a hassle-free evening, where all you have to do is arrive and enjoy a great time surrounded by new faces.

How to book a TheAfterWork party

If you wish to attend a TheAfterWork evening, you must register before 11:59pm on Monday. After this deadline, registrations will be closed to allow our algorithm to select the most suitable groups. 

This is essential if we are to organize the most satisfying experience possible. We therefore advise you to pay particular attention to your booking date.

How does participant matching work?

Our matching algorithm takes into account your personal and professional interests, as well as your personality, thanks to a test performed when you register. This helps us place you in a group with which you're most likely to get on well.

How are TheAfterwork parties organized?

- When and for how long? TheAfterwork evenings always take place on Wednesdays at 7pm and last between 2 and 3 hours. 
- Where do you go? The address of the restaurant is given on the day. 
- Choice of restaurant: We select the bars according to their atmosphere, their location, and their capacity to welcome our groups in the best conditions to encourage exchanges and conviviality. 
- Cost and responsibility of the dinner: We opt for establishments offering excellent value for money, with an average price per person of between €15 and €25 (depending on your consumption). This price range allows us to guarantee a pleasant and affordable experience for all our participants. 

It is important to note that TheAfterwork does not cover dinner expenses; participants are responsible for paying their own share and should act responsibly.

Can I come accompanied?

TheAfterwork evenings are designed to discover new people, so registration is on an individual basis. This encourages everyone to step out of their comfort zone and meet new people.

What happens if I can no longer attend a party?

You can cancel free of charge until Monday 11.59pm before the event for a full refund. Please write to us on WhatsApp. After this time, no refunds are possible. Refunds are issued within 1 to 10 days. If you have any problems, please contact support.

To maintain the quality of our events, we have a strict policy on last-minute cancellations. After two unannounced no-shows, we reserve the right to suspend your participation in future events.

Are the evenings open to all?

TheAfterwork is an inclusive space, open to all, regardless of age, religion, sexual orientation or professional background. We are proud to welcome a diversity of participants to enrich each meeting, celebrating the richness brought by everyone, whatever their origin or profession.

At the moment, our evenings take place exclusively in France, so it's important that you're comfortable communicating in French or English to get the most out of the experience.

What is the average age of participants?

TheAfterwork is open to all adults, with a majority of participants aged between 25 and 45. However, the key is to be open-minded and keen to meet new people.

What can I do if I'm an introvert?

TheAfterwork is designed just for you! Our ice-breaker games and relaxed evening atmosphere allow everyone to feel at ease and participate at their own pace.

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